If you have the phone company, Webpass , or some other voice/data related service out, they're going to want to know where the telco closet is for your unit.

For many units, the easy rule of thumb is, "it's the big marked closet right next to the elevator doors." Check there first.

However, for other units, it is not so simple! You can save yourself and your installation-technician potentially an hour by also suggesting these locations:

  • In the garage interior, on the 45th Street side, midway between Adeline and Linden.
  • Many units, including many 3rd floor units, are actually served by a 2nd closet on the second floor. This is not the one next to the elevator. It is marked as a "Storage" closet and is near unit 214.

Also note that, in our experience, the labeling of the wire-pairs in the closet is specatularly wrong. Your technician will find the right pair with a tone generating device.

Some keywords to hopefully help some lost install-tech find this page someday when they do a Google search in desperation: Vue 46 wiring closet, data closet, unit termination point.